I have taken the big step of moving my blog from its first home here at wordpress.com to the current location at www.foodwithlegs.com.  This change will mean more flexibility in terms of using third-party services like those from Google (see the right sidebar on the new site) and more flexibility to control the site’s appearance.

The foodwithlegs blog is still powered by the wordpress software but now is hosted outside of wordpress.com.  Seems like a distinction without a difference?  Here is a good page (produced by wordpress) that goes pretty far toward explaining the difference.  Coincidentally I have also adopted a theme for the blog (PrimePress) that maintains the aesthetic of the old site while allowing more functionality.

Foodwithlegs is growing and changing.  Almost all of the content has been moved over from the old site though some things (such as images) are still works in progress.  Please continue reading, comment on posts and get in touch with me at foodwithlegs@gmail.com.


Photo by Jonathan Cooper

Photo by Jonathan Cooper

We read this week that the City has released more information about the long-awaited new street vendors.  For the first time in my lifetime cart vendors will be able to sell food other than pre-cooked hot dogs or sausages.  The Star has the best graphic of what’s going to be served where.