Ginger 1When ethnic cuisines are exported, mass-marketed, and made available for home delivery here in North America (“pizza-fication” perhaps?) their quality usually suffers in two ways: Shortcuts are taken in technique and inferior ingredients are used.   Thankfully, it is tough to get a master sushi chef if you’re only willing to pay minimum wage (I imagine) but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be nearly as difficult to get discount wasabi and pickled ginger.



Jalapenos 1

In order to capture more dollars from the discount-savvy shopper the Loblaws grocery stores that we shop at have started making “not so fresh” produce available at 50% of the original price.  This has become less of a great deal than when it first strated because they have begun packaging in larger quantities that usually include at least a couple specimens that I wouldn’t buy individually.  Also, certain items just aren’t practical in large quantities because we don’t use them often enough to keep a big bagful in the fridge.

Jalapenos are a great example.  Half-off is great but what is one to do with a bag of twenty jalapenos when most recipes call for one or maybe two?  Simple: Make pickles.