In this first post I hope to set out what I plan to do with this blog.

I enjoy eating out, especially at restaurants that serve great, authentic food, unpretentiously and for a reasonable price.  I really enjoy cooking either when armed with a precise and well-thought-out recipe or alternately with just a general idea of what I’m going to make.  And recently I’ve taken up organic vegetable gardening in a fairly big way so that I could get a deeper sense of what happens before fork meets food and for what tastes good at a particular time of year.

My posts here will try to capture the highlights of these three experiences and hopefully will go towards accomplishing three goals: preserving a personal record of experiences; sharing with and educating those who read them; and better defining my thinking on how food is grown, prepared, and served.  I hope that I can accomplish this in a fun and entertaining style.

Please feel free to comment on posts, link to ones you enjoy, or get in touch with me.  But most of all enjoy!