Far and away I want this blog to be about my experiences growing, cooking, and eating food and not an aggregator of links to other blogs.  This post is the exception that proves that rule.

TasteTO (one very good aggregator of food links, among other things) had a link yesterday in their Food for Thought column to this story.  Apparently the founders of the website Thisiswhyyourefat.com have collected submitted photos of over-the-top food, made their submission policy pretty aggressive so that they own the rights to the photos, and are now shopping a book deal.  I’m not really bothered by this because, frankly, that one picture you took at your buddy’s bachelor party where he ate the 36 oz. burger does not a book deal make.  It’s the collecting and sorting of a much larger number of photos that might interest the “reading” public.

Anyway, this demi-controversy was enough to get me to take a look at the site in question.  Almost all of the pictures are of pretty outlandish concoctions.  I found myself saying “oh yeah, I’d try that” when it came to the let’s-throw-something-that-is-alreadyfattening-in-the-deep-fryer items like deep-fried black pudding.  The burgers and sandwiches that involve several pounds of beef, a pound of bacon, and a dozen eggs look very tasty but are the type of meals that I realise with age would be more pain than pleasure (even in the very short term).   And this comes from someone who has competed in and won contests to eat yorkshire puddings (14), apple turnovers (11, I think, and it was technically a tie), donuts (a dozen), McDonald’s cheeseburgers (10, surprisingly the key is to add mayo to the cheeseburgers), and just this week had one of these.  But, the pictures that made me queasy were the ones where a large amount of food (usually meat) was made to look like something it is not (usually dessert).  Specifically, all of the Hot dog pieChocolate-covered bacon, and most of all the Sandwich cake pushed my internal reaction beyond disinterest to revulsion. 

I think of this response as being akin to motion sickness.  My eyes are telling me this is dessert, my brain says it is meat, and my stomach wants no part of this mixed message meal.  In less extreme cases this aggregation of perceptions is why, in my opinion, the appearance of food is very important.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the bacon poutine is from Smoke’s Poutinerie.