Second only to mead, sauerkraut was our most successful experiment with fermentation last summer.  Because we were lucky enough to find an apartment that has a cupboard off the kitchen that stays cooler than the rest of the house (between 8 and 12 degrees celsius) I have been able to tinker with another round of fermenting cabbage.

Two-toned fermented cabbage

Two-toned fermented cabbage

This is what it looks like after about six weeks.  I used ordinary green cabbage (shredded with a knife) and one of the outer leaves to help keep the cabbage submerged.  When this leaf began to look and smell unpleasant I replaced it with a red cabbage leaf and that is where the interesting colour gradient comes from.

So far, fermentation is progressing well.  The jar gives off a slighly funky aroma that is much less pervasive and milder than the summer batch’s.   In fact I’d say that the aroma reminds me vaguely of day-old Crispy Cream doughnuts in a sweet-yeasty kind of way.  (Makes sense)

I am a little concerned that the cabbage at the bottom of the jar was packed too tightly and therefore isn’t being exposed to the brine.  The recipe I used seemed to indicate that the idea was the tighter the better, though.

Over the next week or so if it tastes right I’ll drastically slow the fermentation by moving the jar to the fridge (with a lid) and post a full recipe.